At CTF we seek out individuals and organizations whose ideas and technology aim to push society forward, to inform and connect citizens around the issues that mean the most to them.  These advancements are vital to an informed and engaged society in the age of instant access to information.


An early education in civic participation improves the quality of citizens that our children may become when it’s their turn to vote and engage with their governments.  Educating and empowering our children with technology at home and in our schools so that they may learn how our governments work and how we choose our representatives is vital to the future of our representative democracies.


Governments, news media, organizations, and candidates need better tools to more effectively communicate with citizens and each other around the subject of civic engagement.  Technology for social connectivity has blossomed over the past decade, yet, these advances are less evident in the civic engagement space.  We aim to help change that.


Access to a variety of open civic data provides significant insights into how our government are run, how money is raised, and who is responsible for the legislation that we see everyday.  Citizens should have tools that allow them to monitor this activity and other activity.  CTF wants to ensure that citizens have access to this technology.

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