Everyday we see great advancements that innovate how we globally & locally communicate with one another.  Yet, these advancements have done little to support our most important job as citizens; civic participation in electing and holding those whom we elect accountable for the actions they take while representing us.  At the Civic Technology Foundation (CTF) our mission is to find and support the best technologies out there that inform and empower our citizens to become actively and effectively engaged with our governments.

Civic engagement is a crucial requirement in a truly representative democracy.  Unfortunately, our current state of civic participation in the U.S.A. is at an all time low.  Engaging and fun-to-use technology has the ability to dramatically change how we make our decisions and how we perceive our power to affect our governments’ decisions.

This mission extends beyond the voting age adults to our children.  The CTF is looking to inspire kids across the world to learn about those who represent or want to represent their best interests, what these folks do as office holders and how the governments of the world work locally, nationally and globally.

The CTF supports technologies that remove the focus of our governments away from the politicians and return our governments’ focus back to the interests of the citizens and voters.

Information is power and the CTF wants to put the power back into YOUR hands.  The time is now to support developing these advancements.  Join us in this effort and let’s realize our power, today.